I am not a big talker. Perhaps it comes from competing with ten other siblings, or maybe I am just verbally challenged. Conversation is just not my forte. I guess that is what I like about writing. I need more time than the average person to condense my thoughts into a few meaningful sentences. Although I admire great orators, it is just not a skill with which I am endowed.

My mother in law recently commented that she has learned some things about me that she did not know because she read my blog. When our family gets together it is an exciting time. We are all trying to catch up on the latest events. Everyone is talking – often at the same time! It is crazy fun, and one of my favorite things. But sometimes when the dust settles I realize that we never really got any individual get-to-know-you-time together. That makes me sad. There are so many things that we never get an opportunity to share with one another. Sometimes I am afraid I will spend so much time laughing it up with my family that I will fail to pass on the important stuff. I suppose that is why God instructs us to talk with our children about him and his instructions on a daily basis… “talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way ….” (Deuteronomy 6:7), that way the important concepts are passed on during our day to day lives and not left to chance, or some last minute speech that never occurs. We need to take care of the important things now and not leave them to chance.

It is funny the things that your children may not know about you. A while back I realized that my son did not really know my middle name. He could not pronounce Yvonne. YaVonnie is how he thought it was pronounced. While this is funny, it would be far more sobering if he could not pronounce JESUS. I’m just saying, make sure you pass down the important things!

During his first year in college, my son mentioned that he was given as assignment to write a letter to his future children. I was fascinated, and I must confess that when he left the assignment lying around one day I snooped and read it. It was so well written, and it tore at my heart! One thing in particular I recall him saying to his future children was to “spend some time getting to know the God that made you”. Now that is great advice!

There is a reason why we write important things down for future reference, for example, a Last Will and Testament. The important stuff is written down. I hope you will take some time today not only talk to your children, but also to write some things down for them to hold on to when they can no longer hold on to you. Do not leave them wondering about your middle name, your love for them, but especially, about your faith. You can do this. Pass it on!

Thanks for listening!