When my sons were young, I took a job working at a daycare at the Christian school where my oldest son, Dee attended four year old kindergarten. We arrived around 7:00 am and he would play with the other little ones until time to go downstairs for “school”. It was slipper day in the kindergarten class, so on this particular day he was all excited about wearing his Donald Duck slippers. The slippers were bright blue and Donald Duck’s head was attached to the top, always bobbing around.

It was nearly time for him to leave for class when disaster struck. I heard an ear piercing scream and watched as he threw himself in the floor in a fit of anguish. Donald Duck’s head lay on the floor. Slipper day was ruined, and he was devastated. I was helpless, without the time or resources to help him in his crisis. I could not leave the other children and time was running out.

During the tumult, my friend Delores had arrived to drop off her son, Stephen. She had witnessed the entire episode. Leaning over the split nursery door she spoke loud enough for Dee to hear “Hey Dee, I can fix that for you”!

He peeked up at her from his tears. “Come with me, I have a needle and thread in my purse and we’ll have Donald Duck’s head back on in no time”. The two of them walked off, hand in hand. Needless to say I was relieved! And now, twenty eight years later, every time I think of Delores I vividly remember her coming to our rescue that day.

The message at our church this week was from Galatians to “Bear one another’s burdens”. It really is amazing, the power we have to bless one another. Wouldn’t it be nice to “sew” in such a way that we reap a harvest of good memories for three decades?

Thanks for listening!