Windows 10 Upgrade

June 21, 2016 Update:

Just a reminder that Microsoft will no longer offer free Windows 10 upgrades after July 29, 2016. Please make sure you take care of this before the deadline. Upgrading your laptop or desktop computer to Windows 10 may considerably extend the longevity of your computer! Don’t miss out – and be sure to contact me if you need help. Click Here: Contact Us

March, 2015

As you have probably already heard, Microsoft is set to release Windows 10 this fall. I have encountered mixed reactions to this, from “Oh no not again” to “I can’t wait to get rid of Windows 8”. If you are among the majority that feels Windows 8 has been a nightmare, you might be happy to learn that Microsoft is planning to offer free upgrades from Windows 8 to Windows 10 (assuming your computer meets the minimum requirements).

The most popular feature of Windows 10 is said to be the return of the Start Menu. Outraged consumers will finally get their way and some form of sanity will return to the user interface.

If you cannot wait to get some relief from Windows 8, you might want to consider installing Classic Shell, an application that provides a collection of features that were available in previous versions of Windows, one of which is a Start Menu (not compatible with Windows RT – tablet/mobile version of Windows 8). You can download the application here: or here:

I have been successfully using Classic Shell for a couple of years now and have installed it for a few other users who have been pleased with the results. If you would like to try Classic Shell, but need assistance, contact me and I may be able to make arrangements to help you out. Just visit and send a message.